About a Northern Vision

What is A Northern Vision?

A Northern Vision is a broad collaborative vision for the North that was developed by the three territorial governments. It outlines the common challenges, opportunities and issues affecting the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. It details how the territorial governments will work together and with other governments and private sector to achieve shared goals.

Canada’s territorial Premiers renewed their vision for a strong and vibrant North at the Northern Premiers’ Forum September 4, 2014 by releasing A Northern Vision: Building a Better North through focusing on productive and engaged citizens, energy, infrastructure and governance.

A Northern Vision: A Stronger North and a Better Canada was released at the fifth annual Northern Premiers’ Forum on May 26, 2007. Its vision was framed under the broad themes of sovereignty, circumpolar relations and climate change.

How did A Northern Vision come about?

The development of A Northern Vision was announced at the fourth annual Northern Premiers’ Forum in Iqaluit in November 2006.

But the origins can be traced to the first signing of the Northern Cooperation Accord (2003), the Northern Strategy consultation process (2004 to 2005) and the pan-territorial discussion paper Developing a New Framework for Sovereignty and Security in the North (2005).

Given changes in the North since the original document was launched in 2007, Premiers committed at the 2013 Northern Premiers’ Forum to review and update the document. The renewed version reflects greater political control in the North through the settlement of modern treaties and self-government agreements, as well as NWT devolution. It also acknowledges the greater national and international interest in the region, and highlights emerging challenges, such as climate change.

Is A Northern Vision connected with the Northern Strategy process?

A Northern Vision was developed solely by the territorial governments, while the Northern Strategy process was led and initiated by the federal government.

There is no formal connection between the two undertakings, but the findings of the Northern Strategy consultations were reviewed extensively to ensure A Northern Vision accurately reflects the needs and ideals of Northerners.

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