Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy

Executive Summary

Climate change impacts vary widely in nature and magnitude across Canada’s North. The Governments of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon agreed in 2009 to work together on climate change, with a focus on practical adaptation measures.

The Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy: Moving Forward on Climate Change Adaptation in Canada’s North identifies six approaches for supporting current and future climate change actions:

  • Source funding
  • Collaborate with other governments
  • Support communities
  • Integrate adaptation
  • Share knowledge and understanding
  • Develop and share tools, technology and innovation

Adaptation requires governments to manage risks and ensure that Northern infrastructure, ecosystems and cultures are resilient to future changes. The territorial governments commit to work closely with partners at all levels - local, national, international - as well as with Aboriginal governments and organizations by sharing climate change adaptation knowledge and developing collaborative activities.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Kane/Up Here, Dianne Villesèche/www.ravenink.ca and ArcticNet. © 2016 A Northern Vision