Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy

Collective Action

We recognize there are challenges and opportunities unique to each territory that will need to be addressed individually. This strategy identifies four areas in which the territorial governments can take collective action:

  • Sharing best practices for maintaining and protecting infrastructure from the effects of thawing permafrost.
  • Protecting people and property from health and safety risks arising from the effects of climate change on infrastructure, water, sea ice patterns, risk of wildfire and other hazards.
  • Strengthening Northern economies by taking advantage of emerging opportunities for industries such as agriculture, forestry, shipping, tourism, and resource development.
  • Maintaining food security in the face of a changing environment, noting the cultural importance of traditional hunting and gathering.
Photos courtesy of Patrick Kane/Up Here, Dianne Villesèche/www.ravenink.ca and ArcticNet. © 2016 A Northern Vision